Kit con 3 Deo Colonia Íntima Puzzy de Anitta

Criado em parceria com o maior ícone de atitude do mundo, Anitta, Puzzy veio para que você se sinta livre e autoconfiante, quando quiser. Neste kit incrível com as 3 deliciosas fragrâncias, você conquista a independência eo power necessários para libertar todas as suas versões de vez.

Para deixar cada detalle ainda mais incrível, a deo colônia íntima Puzzy by Anitta é ginecologicamente testada e não altera o pH da região íntima, podendo ser usado em todo o corpo, inclusive na região íntima externa.


Product Detail

With this kit you will be able to experience all the current Puzzy’s available. Here are the details on each one of them:

Agátta is an intimate deo cologne that will help you to seduce the senses and reveal your power. Agátta features notes of strawberry carefully combined to provide you with an unforgettable experience;

Preparada is an intimate deo cologne for those who love to live life to the fullest. Ideal to unleash your independent version. For all times, it was made not to leave your bag. Preparada features notes of strawberry, chocolate and soft vanilla combined in harmony to create a fascinating and intense fragrance;

Se Envolve is an intimate deo cologne for all the moments of you day. Se Envolve features notes of sugar threads and marshmallow that will make it impossible to avoid. Prepare to get involved.

How to Use

Apply on the external genital area and/or underwear, at least 8 inches. Apply after showering or at any time of the day. Puzzy can be used by anyone all over the body, not only the external intimate region.

Do not apply on the internal genital area, only to the external area. The overuse of the product can be a source of genital irritation. Inedible or kissable product. Puzzy by Anitta does not mask odors caused by diseases or gynecological problems. Always look for a specialist doctor in case of abnormalities.


- First intimate deo cologne in the market;
- PH balanced and compatible with the external genital area;
- Hypoallergenic;
- Formula alcohol free and paraben-free;
- Dermatologically tested;
- Gynecologically and clinically tested;
- Fragrance to be used anytime you want to feel empowered;
- Not tested on animals.


- For external use only;
- Spray at least 8 inches from skin;
- Do not apply to broken, irritated, or itching skin;
- Persistent, unusual odor or discharge may indicate conditions for which a physician should be consulted;
- Discontinue use immediately if rash, irritation, or discomfort develops.

gynecologically and dermatologically tested

gynecologically and dermatologically tested

alcohol and paraben free

alcohol and paraben free

pH balanced and hypoallergenic

pH balanced and hypoallergenic

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Maria Limon

Love it so far !!

Naiane Oliveira

Pack with 3 Intimate Deo Cologne Puzzy By Anitta

Manuel Senay
Love it

The best smell around

Simply Amazing!

When Anitta launched these in Brazil, I was so bummed because I really wanted to try them. Then i finally got an ad on Instagram that they sold it here in the US. First of all, shipping was quite fast which I was not expecting. I am still trying it, but so far it has worked great for me. I apply right after I shower directly on my skin and also on my underwear . It has also helped with period smell ( which I hate). I spray it on my pad and on my pants. So far, I am really impressed. In terms of scent, I’m not a fan of one of them, but it is still not that bad. I super recommend it!

Like no other!

Absolutely amazing, whenever I put my panties down the wonderful smell from the perfume comes up, you can have all the sex you wnat and it will still smell as wonderful .🤣 It’s like walking past a really great smelling guy you know. I just really love and ever since I got I have never not used it. Thank goodness the days living with out it are over!