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Very unique good smell really good for intimate night especially if you're trying to impress your lover it may get you those extras special goodies if you know what I mean lol

Amazing !!!

I love it !!
It’s everything that promise


The best one ! Good fixation

Amazing!! Seriously amazing staff

This is genius omg I couldn't believe how amazing this is. The fragrance is so good and it works with your chemistry doesn't cause any burning either and works like a miracle. I got one on instagram and now that Amazon has it I want every fragrance but Agatta is just amazing

Intimate Deo Cologne Puzzy By Anitta Agátta 0.8 flz oz / 25 ml


Better than expectation. I use it before going to the gym, I train for 2 hours and I no longer have that strong sweat odor.. that's perfect!

5 Stars

I bought the Se Envolve. (I think that's how you spell it) It smells like Cotton Candy but even more yummy. I've never used an intimate perfume. But I happened to see Anitta talk about it. So I thought I'd give it a try. Wow, it smells sooooo good! It must be PH Balanced correctly because it hasn't made me itch or go to the doctor. 5 Stars .

Love it

Ordered another one afterwards because I liked it very much. My favorite scent is agatta though


Not only loved the product but also had an issue with my delivery and customer service solved it in a heart beat!!

It’s smells way to sweet like candy and cheap perfume. I would not want to put anywhere near my intimates .




I love the scent so much. It lasts all day and smells amazing.

Smells great. Lasts all day. I use it as deodorant too

Intimate Deo Cologne Puzzy By Anitta Se Envolve 0.8 flz oz / 25 ml

Intimate Deo Cologne Puzzy By Anitta Se Envolve 0.8 flz oz / 25 ml